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Social impact isn't just the redirection of financial resources. It's putting our money where our mouth is, our wallet where our heart is, and building a better world for future generations.

Led by the EG Association and powered by the ELONGATE community, Social Impact at ELONGATE is fundamental to everything we do.

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About us

With our partners and donors, we aim to support the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

Through the creation of the volunteer programme, we aim to build a global network of people supporting various causes in their local communities.

Through existing and new partnerships, we aim to create clear and meaningful impact towards sustainable development.

We also envision a community which is actively participating in the selection of organizations and causes to support, which will be possible through the community vote platform.

Volunteer programme

With the help of our community, we aim to mobilize volunteers across all 5 continents to bring the power of good to their respective communities. With our volunteer program, we will support individuals on the ground carrying out economic, environmental and social actions. We strive to have a volunteer network across the globe that is ready to provide immediate support after a natural disaster.

Leading the Social Impact

  • Lorenzo Andree


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  • Armin Keyani

    VP of Operations

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  • Eugeniu Cujba

    VP of Internal Affairs

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  • Malik Bakrim

    VP of Community & Engagement

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  • Danijela Svircic

    VP of Social Impact & Partnerships

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  • Anndy Lian

    Non-Executive Chairman

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A Token With A Purpose

Our aim is to ease the suffering of millions through charitable contributions.

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